10 People Who Were Addicted To Bodybuilding

1. Markus Ruhl

German bodybuilding legend Marcus Ruhl got into the sport at the age of 18 when a doctor recommended strength training after he sustained a knee injury playing soccer. Fast forward five years and  Ruhl turned pro after training six days a week and adopting a heavy diet of supplements. Including insulin human growth hormone (HGH).  The result has been a cartoonishly strong physique. Albeit one with an oddly protruding  beer gut. The gut, also khnown as  got the guts also known as “stomach distension is also a product of all the supplements taken. Particularly growth hormone that grows more than just your muscles.

2. Candice Armstrong

When we think of the many typically understood symptoms of steroid abuse. We may consider dramatic muscular enhancement and terrible acne. But gender transformation isn’t often high on that list. but that’s exactly what happened to London barmaid Candice armstrong. A once slender, cute blonde whose anabolic steroid consumption turned her into a hulking. Mannish brunette. In addition to excessive body hair. The steroids actually caused her clitoris to swell to the point of becoming a Micro Penis. Oddly enough she has embraced her new body. Even doing occasional drag shows and has no plans to halt her steroid intake.

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