A girl born with heart outside, Has no any Medical dare surgery

A 6-year-old girl who was born with heart outside chest, flied thousands of miles from Russia to Americans hope to get the surgery but has no any medical dare.

A girl named Virsaviya “Bathsheba” Borun-Goncharova. The image of her mother posted on the Internet is able to see her heart rate jump with clear thin skin layer upon to protect.

Such a condition is very low among births per 1 million people. The girl’s mother called Dari Borun left Russia to the United States and hope to children’s surgical treatment .

Ago, several hospitals and places around the world has denied her request surgery because it is difficult to surgery, too. Recently, mother and daughter flew to Boston Children’s Hospital, but there can not do surgery because the pressure on the blood vessels of the young girl was too high. According to Ms. Borun told.

This time, her family went on a trip to Hollywood to find medicine that can reduce her blood pressure and to be able to have surgery.



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