A jaguar and a large caiman wrestle in a river for 20 minutes

Meeting of the Waters State Park, Porto Jofre, Brazil. Jaguar Safari guide Leen Gillis always carries a camera in case something extraordinary happens. And today, she and her boat of tourists have spotted a male Jaguar about five or six years old, prowling on the river. With all eyes on the big cat no one has noticed anything in the water, except the Jaguar. His target is an adult caiman which Leen Gillis estimates to be fifteen to twenty years old. The Dramatic struggle continues for twenty minutes, until the jaguar is victorious. But overcoming the caiman is only the beginning, and then the jaguar try to get his prey onto dry land. To the amazement of the watching tourist the predator takes his prey into the undergrowth. While Jaguars often hunt caimans as they are widely available, they are more likely to kill them in enclosed vegetation than in the wide open.


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