a leopard attacks a pair of fighting antelopes

In Botswana, a leopard attacks a pair of fighting antelopes as a surprised group of tourists looks on – but it has taken on more than it can handle. For Thomas Nkwazi, a safari field guide, the unexpected sighting of a pair of male red lechwes fighting was a perfect photo opportunity for his group. The antelopes battle for supremacy for about ten minutes, seemingly unaware of the presence of the watching tourists. Nor do they realise that they have attracted the attention of a young leopard, biding its time and waiting for them to tire. Suddenly, the leopard attacks – but the other lechwe doesn’t seem to realise what’s happening to his opponent and keeps fighting, before noticing the leopard and then making a quick exit. The leopard drags the antelope to the ground, but the larger creature manages to fight its way free. The big cat attacks again, but fails to hang on to its prey’s back, and ends up hanging from the running lechwe’s neck. The antelope manages to shake off its assailant, and after stumbling briefly, makes its escape with a few scratches. The leopard was left limping, and no doubt with bruised pride. Thomas described it as one of the best sightings he has made in ten years as a safari guide.


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