A Terrifying And Scary Prank – Killer Clown

This is a scary prank series done by some men disguised as clowns.  Some of the pranks are so vague and not able to understand why there was a blast etc.  However, the prank in a supermarket floor was a bit scary when a customer enters a supermarket which is almost devoid of any men.  When the customer sees a body on the floor on a pool of blood, the clowns appear from nowhere and start coming towards the customer.  A particularly scared woman screams in such a manner that it send chills to our spine.  The pranks are not restricted to the supermarkets; there were also scary pranks on the road with a vehicle with speaker system.

A Terrifying And Scary Prank - Killer Clown

Killer Clown 1 – Scare Prank!

Killer Clown 2 – The Uncle!

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