Banan Mountain Temple of Battambang Province, Cambodia

West Sangker River, Sangke southeast corner Battambang Province town about 25 kilometers, if passed by the provincial No. 155 in accordance Sangker trapped until Kanteu Village, Kanteu commune, Banan District, we will see there is a mountain called Banan Mountain, a monument principality, and that the residents always worship rituals since ancient times.
Situated on a hill with a height of over 100 meters and a staircase of 352 steps, there is a temple called Banan Temple (Prasat Banan) now become attractive historic resort in Battambang.

The temple on the hill built of laterite and sandstone style mid-11th century and the late 12th century. A study temple Laden Superior century during the first 11-12 days​ in the generation of King of 2nd Utiyatithvakraman years 1050 to 1066. But his leadership building was not completed completed later, during the reign of King Jayavarman 7 (1181-1219?), Has continued to build.
The body of temple on the hill has 5 tops, there are 4 corner in all direction and a large in the center of the temple in the road from east is Tadombang Daek Temple that before, have a Tadombang Daek statue stood. Whereas at the foot of Banan has water Partnership and the two main caves, are Preah Toek cave and Betmeas cave.
Whereas 2nd tower at the south called drop coconut temple that old told greatly desired that the temple has a cave down, but there was no one should dare to go down, has only test when ceremony by dropping coconuts into the cave temples and then they come to wait and see at the bottom of the Sangke river, which have a hole also seen palm that fell into the river once.
At the foot of the mountain, there is a deep and wide tunnels that let people to get into it easily, tunnel roof is curved as boat roof, there is water shed , Stone Water Filters shaped like mortar hit rice, abut sized basket. that tunnel has a size of about 12 square meters, the wall rock sculpture nothing But at the south of wall near the water filter there are many Buddhist ruins. Full sun lighting into the tunnel by a hole in the roof. Road that get into a cave is small, only one person get down was darkness. Go along unless lit torches lighting and walk in queue to get into tears place.
The people at Phnom Banan said that water filters sometimes full of water, sometimes only half full, if the stone filter is filled with water is refreshments that residents get abundant rice, but if half of water it mean that the residents do less rice.
Water was found in the filter, transparent, and those who get there, always dip water with the hand to wash their face to pray for peace.
If listening to the words spoken by local elders, Has spoken to us about the history of the faith in this temple that, “this Phnom Banan temple formerly called Phnom Bamnan temple. Whenever you have an emergency, they always came to pray unless accomplish and then return to craft vow, so they called Phnom Banan temple until these day.

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