Conjoined Twins Await Separation – Body Bizarre Episode 6 Teaser

In Goiania Brazil parents Eliana and Austin are on the verge of achieving a lifelong dream seeing their conjoined five-year-old son art ornate or separated so they can live happy independent lives. I want that separate adding it’s vital that the operation is done now each twins body weight is pressing on the other spine causing frequent pain and putting pressure on their internal organs the operation is extremely complicated as the boys share vital organs it is partially filled with additional growth you international fame time in 20 years anytime and when you can physically separating two human bodies is one of the most unpredictable and risky surgeries in medicine bottles from criticized.

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Just days away from surgery art ornate or are getting excited about living separate lives but fifty 50 yards of survival the decision have art ornate or separated was not an easy one for parents a Leon and Yeltsin done also see some but I G Faisal Mosque deputy DA sushi is there something happening tit’s just days before surgery but Dr. Khalil has a problem the team knows that are tornadoes intestines are shared but tests with contrast dye is to establish just how long the intestines might be remain unclear. Dr Khalil knows if the shared intestines are not long enough there won’t be enough to divide between the two boys grabbed would not pose some out now on DVD I believe you would know the possibility of coming off surgery is a blow for the whole family and they can do is hope and pray that Dr. Khalil can find some answers.

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