Daniel Browning Smith “Rubber boy”

The Human is born with different the ability and talent. whereas, this man named Daniel Browning Smith was born on 8 May 1979 in  Meridian, Mississippi, United States. He is an American contortionist, comedian, sports, actor, television host, entertainer, and stuntman who has broken seven Guinness World Records for the title of the most flexible person in history. He hosted “Stan Lee’s superhumans” where he roamed around the country searching for humans with extraordinary abilities. He was born with the extraordinary flexibility and is cultivated it over the course of his life. One of smith’s most dazzling acts is dislocating his arms to make himself fit through an unstrung tennis racket.

Daniel Browning Smith Rubber boy,


Daniel Browning Smith Rubber boy


<> at ORACLE Arena on November 13, 2014 in Oakland, California. Image

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