Know The Most Peaceful Countries to Live in

We live in the world of war, conflict and what not. The above link shown above is really meant for the peace seekers as the link offers the list of nations that one can choose in order to attain peace. Undoubtedly the list of countries mentioned in the link does not rated them in the order of merit as every country has its own charm and reason to remain peaceful. Interestingly Iceland is considered to be one of few nations that do not have a standing army that clearly indicates the level of peace one can have in this great country. The big list includes countries like Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Singapore, and Mauritius and so on.

 25. Mauritius


Image Source: wikimedia

24. Singapore

24.-Singapore (2)

Image Source: wikipedia

23. Slovakia

23.-Slovakia, Bratislava

Image Source: wikipedia

22. Hungary

22.-Hungary (2)

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21. Spain

21-Spain (2)

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