Kompong Som (Sihanoukville), Cambodia

Kompong Som (Sihanoukville) is a province of Cambodia located in the southwest of the country. Next to the Gulf of Thailand, which borders the north against Ambel district, Koh Kong province, east against Kampot district, Kampot province, south and west against the sea, has a total area of ​​1,283 square kilometers and is about 230 kilometers from the capital Phnom Penh by National Road 4.
Kompong Som beginning, the real native district is located in Ambel district, Koh Kong province. If we ride the bus from Phnom Penh along the National Road 4, a distance of approximately 150 kilometers through the province of Kampong Speu Ambel district (in western mountains Pech Nil ) There is a way to turn to Srae Ambel that which is today called Kompong Som.


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By Mr. San Soman Pagoda Buddhist elementary teachers Ind sensor (PAS), which he questioned the old man in Prey Nob district said Kompong Som is located in the village of Champa (Nob district) and It is located in the countryside about Abel. Mr Shan said: According to the words of Archbishop Mol grandfather lived Prey Nob district elder, said that they called Kompong Som simultaneously: since long and Srae Ambel district in Koh Kong today Gulf Ambel district stretches from far Ville Currently there mangrove forests and all types of forests, and rich in rattan Kompong Som as well as a vicious animal massive beasts such as tigers, elephants and so on. But the people who live there, there are very few, farming is subsistence fishing up the hill and down the sea. Besides fishing business people also have to cut rattan Som drag floating water park meatkampng. Grandfather said the Archbishop said that there is rich in many rattan Som cut down and it leaves to roof their homes. Rattan drag Kompong Som parked at the mouth every time they call here (Kompong Som). Whereas in the eastern district of Kampong Speu province if they want to come to the land of the West, they always say that we went to Kampong Som ( Ambel district schools).


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If so, why Kompong Som was called Sihanoukville? Shan said that according to the prosecutor code number 236. Dated 22 November 1957 by the royal Suramarit area (Kompong Som) by the National Assembly adopted on 21 August 1957. Until 1959 the town has become the PAS No. 296. Dated January 22, 1959 National Assembly later approved On 4 December 1959. In the 1970s, Republicans Lun Nol regime renamed eat Kompong Som restored until DK Cambodian regime was still called Kompong Som.
But when they arrived in 1993 after the Khmer Rouse -unite the town is also called Sihanoukville restored.
Shan added that some of the elders said, the people living in Ville since the beginning, said here (PAS) Smooth rock called Mount or Pos. Sessions called Smooth Stone Mountain or Pos yuan Koh Kong and Sihanoukville territory under the control of Kampot.

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