Palm Village​ Resort, Health Villages, Cambodia Tourist Place

Tourist Resort “Palm Village – Health Villages” where they recently created, situate in Reay Dorb Village, Siam Reap commune, Kandal Stung district, Kandal Province, about 26 kilometers from Phnom Penh, that popular destination attracting visitors to rest and leisure.

If we want to travel there, we just spent about 40 minutes to get there, by crossing Stoeung Mean Chey bridge and turn into Cherng Ek road​ and pass bridge Prek Chrei bridge towards Road two to territorial Siem Reap Commune and look at the left hand side will see the label wrote “Palm Village – Peace Villages” then turn into the gate of the Vihear Kambor pagoda distance of more than two kilometers will see the label another, they wrote that “Palm Village”.

The 54-year-old manager revealed: project in the development of the processing project this tourist resort area on 6 hectares of land, but this time just to expand the number of processing 2 hectares. However, he claimed that now the boss is studying plans to expand to accommodate the needs of today’s guests, while the resort guests get into many cruise.

Chhim Yoeun told: On Saturday and Sunday, visitors here are not under from 400 to 500 guests, including multinationals, especially from Phnom Penh.

According to his words at every Sunday in the next village, Palm Village has a small market welcome visitors at the market were selling vegetables, fish, meat and souvenirs processed out of natural materials more for tourists and those who are allowed to take it to sell more study are the orphans and widows in the village commune, who trained in the skills’ processing and preparation sculpture by NGO ‘to prosperity.’

This raised according Chhoem Yoeun mentioned, according to the makeup and beauty inside that resort village gate slightly brown on the right hand side there is a pond was built stalls for a relaxed seating. On the left hand, to build a European pool which has transparent water for recreational swimming.

The West of the swimming pool, has a large restaurant in front of the restaurant has built a statue of a man wearing palm hat, carrying Angrut and woman fruit basket waiting to welcome visitors into a meal there.

While inside the restaurant, table, chairs, sofa seats for guests eating and other decorative materials are all made from pure palm.

Food here are cheap 40 special food is grilled chicken and Samlor Korko Tnorth. Something special, Palm Sugar and Sugar Palm Juice that made by hand by staff working there, purely out of a palm tree in the resort and no chemicals.

Mr. Yoeun adding that the West of restaurant has Palm sterile plant a small palm was filtered from the palm trees here. North in front of restaurants, entertainment for children, sport cafe and library construction, serving a variety of fun entertainment.

At the center of the road to build a statue of A man wearing shorts, chills hat palm, one hand holding a knife and the other holding Dorngrek palm juice pipe show an old ancestral vocation is not lost.

West campus built a thatched bamboo palm leaves in two rows, one lined with natural decorations ornamental with garden, swimming pools and a lot of sparrows nest in front of the house looks comfortable stay immensely.

Palm Village​ Resort, Health Villages, Cambodia Tourist Place (2) Palm Village​ Resort, Health Villages, Cambodia Tourist Place

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