Sweetheart Island​​ (Koh Song Saa) , Paradise of Nature Romantic Tourist

Situate in Rong Archipelago, southwest of the Cambodia’s coastal region with white Sandy landscape that framed by Luxury thatched wooden houses has become a true paradise of tourists. That’s the Sweetheart Island Resort project associated with conservation of biodiversity and natural wildlife. Unlike coastal where people accumulate here flocks of fish swimming curved gleam jump out of the blue sea waters, while the birds perched on the body boldly mangrove branches. Those views are the result of the island’s conservation project girlfriend makes this resort a standard different from the general resorts.

Located 29 km from the port of Sihanoukville, this 2 resort islands have kitchen staff, building designer and all-star guide. Guests who wish to visit here can travel by boat or helicopter.

Managing Director of Conservation Dr. Wen Makalam said: ‘this island built by focusing on a concepts by processing to private island. You arrive in Cambodia, you’ve got to do what you wish to do. Souvannary Sweetheart Island spacing of less than 1 km away, and guests can cross one another through a wooden bridge on the water. Villa 27 luxury wooden houses its inspiration from the coastal forest, and some build leaked from the surface waters.

Around the island is full of underwater life at the land surface, is also rich in entertainment, including gym, 2 restaurants Center for various leased vehicles, as well as tours and water sports. Among these 2 islands, brother island is an island with a beautiful view and covered with large plants like mountain. There are not many clues tag, guests can walk to visit coastal birds and a serene piece of rock and soap operas. Such a landscape has become a visual feed rare in the country. In the bedroom furniture design fancy. The walls are decorated with paintings and wooden sculptures of different fashion. The bathrooms are also equipped with a shower fell on the hair as gentle and marble sleek pool where guests can soak body along spectacular coastal scenery through the window and took him away. Those at the back of the villa also has a swimming pool reef sea makes you seem salty water side of island. For meals, guests can order the menu to eat in the room or umbrellas.

Otherwise, guests can also eat Khmer food, Europe food or hybrid creative cuisine by renowned chef plenty channel at the island’s two restaurants girlfriend. Chef’s famous cuisine, including Italian fried squid and the Caribbean frogs’ thigh. Although arriving immediately you feel isolated island seems to have arrived, but here there are many leisure activities’ suite waiting for you not to eat and sleep alone. Early morning yoga trainer can help. When the sun sunset staff can also offer you to visit a private movie theater on the island as well.

Meanwhile, guide your wallpaper guides can also take you to the mangrove forest, a natural heritage left behind decades ago.

Sweetheart Island​​ (Koh Song Saa) , Paradise of Nature Romantic Tourist

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