The scariest bridges to cross around the world

Mankind’s existence. Before bridges, you had to scale across mountains, and trudge across rivers, or even try to float your way across to reach to the other side. Much of the time, travelers either didn’t survive, had to delay their trip by finding an alternative route, or they turned around and went home. But truth be told, Mother Nature was the first architect of bridges, where a pile of rocks, or a simple log, provided a way across an obstruction. Seeing this, early societies perfected what nature created, and it’s all be uphill from there.
With the innovation of bridges, scaling mountains and crossing large bodies of water is easier than ever. Bridges can be right above ground, or they can be hundreds of feet in the air. However, if you’re afraid of heights, then the higher the bridge, the scarier it is. Heights alone can be ultimately scary, but add that to even just a well-built bridge and you have some major anxiety heading your way.


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