Woman’s Security Products to Protect Rape

Beautiful women who walk dusk always worried about their safety, especially rape. But now lady certainly confident and no longer worried about rape, with rape prevention safety pants as Thailand’s new products. Here we have a video of a woman who used underwear to keep her safe from the experience and interests of the pants. Her name is Ploy-Nyam. She is 24 years old. She live in Bangkok for long time. Being girl is so difficult. Danger is everywhere. When I came home so late at night. She fear being robbed and raped. But how can she do. A girl wanna look beautiful and look sexy in sexy dress for men. Not only I have to complete with another girls. So depressed. But now, because of the headmuns securhity pants. She is so confident and secure. She is very happy and don’t fear about abduction any more.

Woman's Security Products to Protect Rape

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