World Record Highline Crossing: Daredevil’s 375m Highline

100 meters in the air amidst stunning Chinese scenery, German slack-liner Alexander Schulz breaks the world high-line record with an incredible 375 meters walk. While in China on a promotional trip, Alexander and his slack-line team One Inch Dreams decide to attempt to break the world high-line record. This has recently been increased to 305 meters, and Alexander looks for somewhere where he can attempt 350. The area they choose is known for its unique limestone rock formations, and they find a suitable spot between two imposing pillars. Rigging the high-line is dangerous in itself as they have to climb the rock faces… Once the line is set up, Alexander makes a few practice attempts – but fails each time. Returning a few days later in better weather, he is set to make one final attempt. All is going well, but as he reaches two thirds of the way across, the wind begins to rise up, causing him problems with his balance. But he keeps going, and as he reaches the last 30 meters the wind drops, and after 40 minutes of intense concentration and supreme balance, he completes his 375 meters world record – and can’t quite believe what he’s achieved.


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